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dB STUDIO was at MIDEM 2019 in Cannes (France)
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Music Productions, the best samples this year!

we released these samples just to give you an idea of our music.

Who We Are

Lauro Ferrarini

Lauro in Teatro

Our Aims

We are an Italian Team producing, composing, arranging, orchestrating music.
Each of our works, in our vision, is a unique project, a tailor made one.
We always aim at being special, we always pursue high quality, we like to think “We are different”, we like to be proud of our ” Top Music Productions with Creativity!

Our Projects

DB STUDIO is a new brand!
We have people with a huge and versatile international experience.
Among our works there are musicals, symphonic works, a requiem for choir and orchestra, lyric operas.
Thanks to our ductility we are involved also in several others different genres, like Art Installations Soundesign, music for VR (Virtual Reality), Film Soundtrack and more commercial projects.

Our Skills

DB STUDIO is a new brand!
Though we are new we are people with long term experience in:

๏ Composition
๏ Arrangement and instrumentation
๏ Scoring and Orchestration
๏ Recording
๏ Mixing
๏ Mastering

Our Management

In creating DB STUDIO I decided to put my long term experience in a new brand with a unique philosophy.
I am an Italian musician from Genoa (Italy) who has been working as composer, producer, arranger and orchestrator over the past 30 years both in Italy and abroad.
I’m a graduated guitarist and I have studied composition and orchestration in Italian Music Conservatory absorbing the great musical culture of my country.
I have also studied at Dams in Bologna, where Umberto Eco (the writer of Il Nome della Rosa) was one of my teachers.
I have worked, among the others, for 25 years with one of the most important Italian artists, Bruno Lauzi.
I also have been producing several albums with many other Italian and international artists, often writing also lyrics.
With the symphonic orchestra, as orchestrator, I have worked at a musical, a symphony, a requiem for choir and orchestra, a children’s opera based on the novel Pinocchio (I wrote also the italian “libretto”), and dozens of differents projects in different genres for big and small formations.
Recently I have worked on a piece conducted in Hamburg in December 2018 by Kent Nagano.
Thanks to my versatile experience, I am very often in touch with different environments, and I like to work at different genres, since it is really stimulating for my creativity.


We are a new brand and we are working intensively at our new projects. We will start with these three new albums

Digital Works

We have been asked to compose some music for a Virtual Reality Installation. For this project we did two studies that we put on video

Virtual Reality Studio n.1

Virtual Reality Studio n.2

Lauro Ferrarini


Although we are a new brand, we have long-term experience in orchestration works: from classical music to pop music through all sorts of different genres

Orchestration “Ringparabel Symphony n.1”
for Symphonic Orchestra and Choir

Orchestration “Pinocchio”
Lyric opera dedicated to the famous novel

Orchestration for “Requiem a Roma”
for Symphonic Orchestra and Choir

Contact us

Please read before you write…

We do not put limits to creativity!
We work with skilled musicians, digital music, mixing engineers and all the kind of professionalism that the productions requires.
We work for Studio projects, Theatres, live Art Performances.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

For special requests regarding venues for music events we can put you in touch with our logistic partners.

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